If I could do any job in the world it would be what I do now. I love making pictures that make you feel something. I love colour and light and emotion and people watching.

I’m fascinated at the way people love each other. By the way we cry when we’re happy.

I’m actually really interested in the people I photograph. You’re not just a bunch of digital files. How amazing when I see a couple I photographed years before with a new addition to their world. What a privilege to be invited to witness and document such key life moments.

New faces, old places. Old faces, new places.

All beautiful, unique, different but also familiar. Comfort in tradition, joy in creativity, hope for the future.


About Me

Jon (athan)

36 (!!!!!)

Married to 2x Olympian Eloise ( I know I couldn’t even make zone carnival for a day off school and somehow I married Her ! )

Daddy to India Rose ( the most beautiful face I have EVER seen – looks like mummy xo )

I sometimes still surf, I feel a beer a day keeps the doctor away and I have inherited a genetic condition from my Dad that causes me to watch several sports and a movie at once on the one tv.

Confession, I may have a problem with being in love with some of my cameras and lenses. Sometimes I like to just hold them and look at them and spend some quality time together. They’re so small and cute and beautiful these days. We make a good team.

Speaking of which…


The Team

You know it, there is NO “I” in team ! I am generally the main person that you will deal with for your photos or video but depending on what you choose us for the rest of the crew includes:

Kathy Massey – my sister, friend and amazing photographer. Soon to be a mum for the first time, she has a fashion design background and is good with art & great with people.

Jason Wellings – my little brother (28) is married to Kirra and is Daddy to Lilah (he admits this a challenging name choice as he pronounces L as a Y). Quiet as a mouse he is a talented, creative, reliable film maker.

Here is a little look at our life of late :